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Yeshivat Tekoa under the leadership of Rabbi Adin Even-Yisrael Steinsaltz educates towards a pursuit of knowledge in the bet midrash and outside, knowledge that brings about renaissance and continuity. We invite you to become partners in this great mission.


Donation Options:

Campus Renovations

Ongoing Projects

Study Programs

We appreciate your generous donation; all donations will be gratefully accepted. You can also donate in someone's name.


Yeshivat Tekoa is a tax accredited non-profit organization in Israel. It can give a tax credit receipt for donations made in Israeli shekels. Please mail your check to:


Yeshivat Tekoa

P.O.Box 288

Tekoa, 90908



For additional ways of supporting the Yeshiva (credit card, bank transfer), please contact Uria Gazit at: yeshtkoa@netvision.net.il  .

Thank you in advance for your generosity


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