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The Tekoa Hesder Yeshiva, affiliated with the Mekor Chaim network, was established in 1999 by Rabbi Adin Even Israel Steinsaltz, in Tekoa, a settlement in the Etzion Bloc, south of Jerusalem.


Yeshivat Tekoa, currently home to 100 students, boasts a family atmosphere, and an open and warm rapport between the students and the Rabbis, and among the students themselves. Each student is encouraged to develop his own path, according to his individual talents and abilities, and is assisted by unique tools offered him at the Yeshiva.


President of the yeshiva, Rabbi Adin Even Israel Steinsaltz, is very involved in the daily life at the Yeshiva, and nurtures a personal and close relationship with the students. Rabbi Steinsaltz teaches classes in Talmud, Jewish thought and Chassidut twice a week.


Classes at the Tekoa Yeshiva are held in small groups, or chavrutot (pairs, as common in Talmudic studies), with an emphasis on independent learning. Students learn how to deal with various areas of Jewish study - Mishna, Tosefta, and Yerushalmi and Babylonian Talmud, and acquire high-level learning skills. Students are also engaged in the study of Halacha, midrash, Hassidut, the teachings of Rabbi Kook, the Zohar, and others. This is supplemented by an unusually wide array of courses and programs, including history, philosophy, music, and community service.


Understanding of the importance of the security of the State of Israel, army service is considered an integral part of life at the Tekoa Yeshiva. All students enlist in the Israel Defense Force as combat soldiers and officers, and during their military service maintain regular contact with the educational staff and their friends at the Yeshiva.


In addition to the "hesder" (active army service combined with studies in the Yeshiva) program, the Tekoa Yeshiva offers study programs for kollels (higher yeshiva learning), Jewish law and teacher training.


It is possible to enroll in the Herzog College to earn a B.Ed in Education.


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