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Overseas Students Track

Yeshivat Tekoa hosts the Overseas Students Track - Maslul Chul.

The program is geared towards foreign students, high school graduates and older. Offering integration with the Israeli program, the Overseas Students Track (מסלול חו"ל) is suitable for students who have at least a basic background in Gemara and Hebrew (reading, vocabulary, elementary conversation skills.) Our yeshiva emphasizes independence and the autonomy to make choices. Therefore applicants should be highly motivated to learn and to make progress in their learning and personal growth.

Special Characteristics of the Overseas Students Track

The main purpose of the program is to assist students in acquiring the tools and skills needed for independent thinking and independent learning both in Gemara and Halacha and in Chassidut and Avodat Hashem. In addition they acquire full integration with the Israeli yeshiva students. To accomplish these goals the program offers:

  •  * Supervision and monitoring of individual progress by the head of the program – Rabbi   Amechaye Even Israel. Rabbi Even Israel will help the students solve any problems that may arise.

  •  * Additional classes in English – The overseas students will be offered two to three additional weekly classes in English, especially in Chassidut.

  •   *Private tutor – Each student in the program will be assigned a private tutor to help him in learning and language and will facilitate his social integration. The student will have two hours daily with the tutor, but this can change according to each student's progress. The yeshiva staff will decide which students have completely integrated into the yeshiva and no longer require tutoring, and which students will benefit from additional hours of tutoring.

  •   *Additional activities – From time to time the overseas students will have fabrengens, special meetings, and enrichment activities.

  •   *Field trips – In addition to two trips for the whole yeshiva, the overseas students will go on an additional trip right after Succot.

Length of Program

The Overseas Students Track will last a full yeshiva year, starting on Rosh Hodesh Elul and ending on Tisha b'Av (August 16 2015-August 10 2016.) During this period of time the students will be provided with dormitory facilities, food, and a learning program.

Holidays and Vacations

Holidays – The following holidays are celebrated in the yeshiva:
Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Simchat Torah, Chanuka, Purim and Shavuot.
There is no school between Motzaei Yom Kippur and the end of month of Tishrei (except for Simchat Torah.) The yeshiva will be in charge of the overseas students during the last two weeks of Tishrei – On week days the students can stay at the yeshiva and take their meals there, and on Shabbat and holidays they can be hosted by their Israeli counterparts and at the homes of staff members. As mentioned, overseas students will have their two day trip during this period.
There is no school during the month of Nissan. Students can go home to visit their families, or their families will be responsible for finding them accommodations in Israel (the staff will be happy to help as much as possible.)


Every other Shabbat is a "free" Shabbat. When necessary, the staff will help students find places for Shabbat at the homes of the Israeli students, staff members, or with families in Tekoa.


Tuition for the year is $9,000. An advance of $500 must be paid by wire transfer upon registration – by the end of May. The rest of the sum ($8500) will be paid in 10 equal payments.

Tutor's Salary

In addition to the student's regular tuition, overseas students will pay their tutors directly a sum of $315 each month for ten months (except for the months of Nissan and Av.) These payments will be paid in checks that the student will bring with him at the beginning of the year. The checks will be kept in the office and handed over to the tutor each month. The tutor will be paid as long as the student needs his help. Once there is no need for tutoring, the remaining checks will be returned to the student.

To register to Yeshivat Tekoa - Overseas Students Track please:


1. Complete the online form and 'send'. 


2. Please read the attached information material


3. Have your parents sign and send the attached Parent Authorization form. 


4. Complete and send the attached Health Insurance form.

5. Pay the registration fee (paragraph 5b1 in the information file).

We'll be happy to have you learn with us in our Beit Midrash!



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