Yeshivat Hesder Tekoa was founded in 1999 under the leadership of renowned Talmudic scholar Rabbi Adin Even Israel Steinsaltz. The yeshiva's curriculum and methods are based on Rabbi Steinsaltz's educational philosophy, which emphasizes both the breadth and depth of Torah, flavored with Chassidut and a commitment to communal service in Israel and abroad.

Yeshivat Tekoa, currently home to 100 students, is characterized by an open and warm atmosphere that nurtures each student to develop his own path, according to his individual talents and abilities. 

Tekoa Yeshiva has opened the Overseas Students Track for foreign students, high school graduates and older, for the purpose of assissting students in acquiring the tools and skills needed for independent thinking and independent learning both in Gemara and Halacha and in Chassidut and Avodat Hashem, while fully integrating with the Israeli yeshiva students.

Overseas Students Track headed by Rabbi Amechaye Even Israel will assign a private tutor to each student for as long as needed in order to help the student in learning and in Hebrew language and to facilitate his social integration within the Israeli yeshiva. Overseas students will also have additional activities as fabrengens, enrichment activities, field trips and Shabbatons. 

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